Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Car Battery

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Car Battery

The car batteries are an essential element of any vehicles and play a very important role in the operation of the vehicles ,yet people do not care the car batteries. First of all,the car batteries is a main role in provide the power to start the engines of your vehicles , secondly , the the battery of your car is also a important role in your vehicle are compensate a air conditioning , radio and the haidilight of your car off the engine.

By following a few simple practises, you can ensure your battery lasts for a very long time. Here’s how.

  1. In cold weather, avoid turning on your engine, even briefly, if it has not been run recently. This can help to prevent the battery from completely freezing.
  2. Make sure you switch off all unnecessary electrical accessories as you drive to conserve energy.
  3. If you park your car for extended periods, whether it’s in your garage or driveway, disconnect the battery whenever possible.
  4. Keep your car battery ventilated, since leaving it in an enclosed area can damage it.
  5. Do not throw it away, but rather give it to a specialized recycling company when your battery eventually dies.

Check the Battery Fluid Level

The electrolyte in the wet cell batteries (like the popular AAAs and AAs used in our devices) is water, which must be checked regularly and topped up as it goes through reactions within its environment and evaporates.

In addition to regular in-person battery maintenance, check to make sure there’s no visible damage before replacing battery. Remove any plastic covers around the cell ports and make sure there’s always at least a half inch of three-fourths inch of distance between electrolyte levels and internal lead battery plates. If not, add distilled water top-up until the electrolyte level has reached this range.

Check your battery fluid levels frequently – at least once a month in tropical climates or longer periods between fluids, but more often if the unit has been left unused. Make sure that your work area is adequately ventilated, that you wear eye-wear and gloves for protection.

Clean the Battery Terminals and Cables

The amount of time your car battery lasts also depends on other factors, but by keeping care of the cells and terminals, by checking the fluid levels and cleaning the cells and terminals as required, and also by avoiding deeply discharging your battery as much as possible, you can prolong its life.

corrosion can damage a battery to the extent of rendering it useless. Corrosion can be stopped dead in its tracks just by checking and cleaning your terminals and cables on a regular basis. Corrosion takes place when the sulphuric acid that makes up part of a battery starts to break down into its basic chemical constituents, the hydrogen and sulfur components combine with the metal surrounding the terminals of the battery. Then they quickly react to form the corrosion.

In order to clean the terminals from the car battery, first uncover the hood and its place should be known with some tool. After that the negative and positive cables are unattached from the battery, either from water or with some rag – petroleum jelly you can clean terminals; moreover on them the petroleum jelly is necessary in petroleum form and also it protects it from additional corrosion; then the rest is quite simple it’s possible to put them on racks invertibly and in what sequence they were disconnected at the last stage it is necessary to assemble them as quickly as possible.

Avoid Frequent Short Trips

Car batteries are what powers up cars, needed to start the engine and other important parts. Unfortunately, lead-acid power sources only last a certain length of time. Before you know it, your battery’s capacity just starts to drain, despite the need for charge. However, you can always extend the life of your battery by taking good care of it and keeping it maintained as long as possible before you need to replace it.

While the battery recovers a lot of the lost energy to keep the car going after short trips, having too many of these frequent excursions will also significantly reduce the battery’s life. While you may not always be able to consolidate errands and schedule longer drives, doing so will help extend how long your EV battery lasts.

But leaving the radio on or the headlights on while your engine idles also drains the battery even more. Then, just shut off the electronics right away once you’ve finished using them. Last: to help extend its life, store your battery inside a garage or another shaded area during the scorching summer months and use an insulating blanket during frigid winter weather.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Harsh changes of temperature will cause batteries to die young To keep water contained within sealed top batteries, heat can speed up the evaporation of this vital liquid. And though lower temperatures might not immediately harm your battery, they can also prolong its drainage on its cranking power when the engine is off, which can prematurely end a battery’s already short epic life. Parking in a shaded area or garage can help alleviate some of this effect after you have turned off the engine and switched off the lights.

Go for a battery with high Cold Cranking Amps as possible, including the DieHard Platinum AGM battery which was designed for use across a wide spread of conditions and environmental extremes to keep your battery in better shape for longer if you live or drive in an area with harsh environmental circumstances.

Drive only when it’s absolutely necessary and avoid taking short trips; even in moderate temperature environments, of highway travel time to fully charge an automobile battery.