Scrap Cars No More: How to Turn Your Old Ride into Cash in Your Pocket

Scrap Cars No More: How to Turn Your Old Ride into Cash in Your Pocket

Do you have a car preventing you from using your garage or driveway? Perhaps it’s a car you used to drive but no longer maintains its value to you. It could be a car that got in an accident and is beyond economical repair. Whatever the case, you may be surprised to learn that you can turn that old car into cash. In this post, we’ll review your options for getting rid of that old car and turning it into money.

Don’t Throw Away That Old Vehicle!

Let’s think about why you want to get rid of your old car before we go into the many ways to do it. You may want to get rid of your old vehicle for a variety of reasons:

It Takes Up Room

It takes up precious real estate in the garage or driveway, a common motivation for people to get rid of their old vehicles. A car that isn’t being driven only collects dust and takes up space that could be used better.

Expenses are inevitable.

If your car is in bad shape, you might spend too much on upkeep and repairs. The cost of repairing a car increases as time passes. It may be more cost-effective to get rid of the old car and get a newer, more reliable one in some cases.

It isn’t good for Mother Nature.

Used cars, especially if they are old and broken down, can be harmful to the environment. They release toxic particles into the air, adding to pollution. Getting rid of your old car could help reduce your carbon footprint and show you care about environmental protection.

How to Get Rid of That Old Car

Now that you know why you should get rid of your old car, we can discuss your options.

Private individuals are selling it.

Your automobile may be sold privately. This could be a great way to get the most money for your car, especially if it is in relatively excellent shape. Websites like AutoTrader, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist might help you sell your vehicle or you can visit Advertise the vehicle by posting pictures and detailing its features.

Get a merchant to buy it.

A dealer is another potential buyer for your car. Selling your car this way is easy and fast, but you might not get as much as selling it privately. Most dealerships will try to lowball you on the purchase price of your car so they can turn a profit when they resell it.

Become rich by destroying it.

You may be able to scrap your car if you’ve exhausted all other options for selling it. Scrap yards will typically buy your vehicle for the value of its metals, which is determined by its weight. The price you get won’t compare to what you could get if you sold the car privately, but it’s still a way to make some cash and get rid of the vehicle.

Put it toward it

Donating a car to a good cause is another option. This is an excellent opportunity to help others while removing your old car. Many groups accept donated vehicles to put them to good use or sell them for profit.

I sent it back for a refund.

If you want to upgrade your ride, see if the dealership will accept your present car as a trade-in. You may get rid of your old car quickly and put the money toward a new one. But you should know that going this route could lower your used car’s price. Dealerships need to profit from selling a new vehicle so that they may offer you a lower price for your trade-in.

Sublet It

You can consider renting out your old car if you aren’t quite ready to let it go. You can rent your vehicle through websites like Turo and Getaround, examples of peer-to-peer car rental platforms. This could be an excellent opportunity to make additional cash if you rarely drive.

Use a Vehicle Hauling Company.

There comes a time when an automobile can no longer be driven, donated, or sold, and the only option left is to employ a car removal service. These companies usually haul your car away for free and may even compensate you if it’s in bad shape.

Methods for Maximizing Profits

There are a few ways to increase your return on selling your old car, regardless of your chosen method.

Vehicle Cleaning

Before selling the car privately, to a dealer, or a scrap yard, you should clean it thoroughly. Potential buyers’ interest in the vehicle increases, as does the price you can ask for.

Gather Your Paperwork

Ensure you have the proper paperwork before selling or donating your car. Documents such as titles, registrations, and other legal papers are included.

Get Your Car’s True Market Value

Find out what your car is worth before you try to sell it. This could be useful in ensuring that you get a fair price while negotiating the purchase of the vehicle.

Be Adaptable

Consider all your options before deciding how to get rid of your car. Don’t be afraid to haggle with potential buyers or consider other vehicle sales avenues.


Selling your old car can be a great way to free up space in your garage or driveway and bring in some extra cash. Selling it privately or giving it to a nonprofit organization are just two options for getting rid of that old car. Whatever strategy you employ, you may maximize your earnings by cleaning the car, organizing the paperwork, and knowing the vehicle’s value.


1.May I sell my car for spare parts?

Your vehicle may be sold for details if it is no longer in good enough shape to be sold as a whole.

2.How much do you think I could get for my used car?

Many factors, such as the car’s condition, the market for its make and model, and the method you choose to sell it, will determine how much money you can get for your old vehicle.

3.How can I help a good cause by donating my car?

You can donate a vehicle by contacting a charity of your choice or by using a car donation service.